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ArtemisPRO System (with Oculus Sonar, DVL, GNSS and Charting)


ARTEMIS PRO is a handheld underwater computer that incorporates a target detection multibeam sonar, DVL, Camera, Dive-Light, Acoustic Positioning, Data Modem and GNSS navigation aids, designed to assist divers navigate underwater or perform seabed surveying and location of objects on the seabed.

The integrated Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) and Attitude Heading Reference (AHRS) sensors allows divers to swim a preset course using dead-reckoning positioning, removing the need to surface frequently and obtain a new position fixes.

Typical uses for ARTEMIS PRO are...

  • Swimming a predetermined path or to coordinates using acoustic dead-reckoning, without the need to resurface.

  • Search and location of unexploded ordnance by mine clearance divers, commercial EOD divers, etc.

  • Sub-surface navigation, area survey and bottom profiling operations.

  • Lost property, vehicles, aircraft, missing persons, wrecks by police or search & rescue divers.

ARTEMIS PRO is intuitive and straightforward to use, as the interface has been designed by divers for divers. The user can quickly interpret information presented via the simple menu interface and graphical display. Sonar, Navigation and other apps are selected and controlled via a simple 10-button interface.

Prior to diving, the NavPointPRO PC software application allows creation of "Mission" files, containing background chart graphics, navigation waypoints that the diver can choose as destinations during the dive, or use to map out a search-pattern or course to swim.

Mission markers can be entered in text form, positioned over imported S57/S63 nautical charts or from other third-party sources (such as Google Earth) in formats including CSV, GPX or KML.

For diver navigation and positioning ARTEMIS PRO provides several solutions: either a small surface float containing a GNSS receiver (capable of receiving GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo signals) may be attached to provide continuous absolute positioning or a Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) module and integrated GNSS antenna attached to provide a "dead reckoning" based navigation solution.

When the diver is ready to start diving, a "Start Dive" wizard guides them through choosing the appropriate navigation mode and starting location before commencing logging data from the sonar, navigation system and other sensors into a "Dive-Log" file. Additional navigation markers can also be added to the dive-log file by the diver as they encounter other targets or locations of interest.

The diver's position, heading, depth and course history are shown on ARTEMIS PRO's display with any selected mission marker. Additional points of interest may also be added during the dive and reviewed post-dive.

ARTEMIS PRO incorporates a 4 beam, 1MHz DVL with a 50+ metre bottom tracking range and a velocity resolution of 1mm/second. The DVL is used to interpolate the diver’s position and speed over ground when a GNSS fix is not available. The output from the DVL also tracks the height of the diver above the seabed and this information, in conjunction with the pressure sensor data, gives total water column depth. Position drift over time can be corrected by augmentation with occasional GNSS locations.

After the dive, using the USB connection data can be transferred from the internal Flash storage on ARTEMIS PRO and a Microsoft® Windows® based PC or laptop. The NavPointPRO software then allows reviewing of the dive-log data, synchronising the sonar imagery with the divers position and heading on a navigational chart. Data can be exported in a variety of formats for further use and analysis by third party software applications.